Tote bags: handmade is better!

Tote bags everywhere: all materials, all colours and all sizes! There is plenty of choice for the lovers of these shopping bags that have conquered everyone. Today we will try to explain to you why it is even better to choose an Italian artisan product.

Each bag is unique when it’s handmade!

It seems obvious, but it is always better to repeat it:  handmade  means prepared with the care that only a craftsman can convey to the product and, above all, unique!

Whether they are tote bags, suitcases, backpacks, or any other object, what is done by hand is never the same as another object. Even products with the same model and colour always differ from each other due to that “defect” all have human beings have, namely that we cannot produce two exact same objects.

The situation becomes even more evident when buying genuine leather tote bags. This material can present colour variations, shading, discontinuity in the weave even within the same piece, causing leather garments to never be equal among themselves.

Handmade means taking care of details!

Stitching contributes to giving that added value to all the bags, let alone the tote bags, which, by definition are simple and linear. In their case, a seam not carefully made would immediately catch the eye of even an inexperienced observer.

Any handmade object is the result of the commitment and almost obsessive attention of a craftsman to detail. A machine would not be able to go over and examine a stitch to make it perfect.

You will hardly ever find a handmade bag with hanging threads, badly sewn lining or, worse still, badly fixed handles. The artisan defends the product with his name and person! Handmade is synonymous with craftsmanship, and craftsmanship is synonymous with art

Handmade tote bags: unique and resistant

To be a good product, the bags, in addition to being beautiful and practical, must also be resistant. This principle applies specially to tote bags, which we usually fill to the top.

Poor materials are never used for handmade products, because it would not be worth dedicating such care to an object that could get ruined in a few days and, above all, because the craftsman puts his face and wants to give to his customers only the best. What is the point in perfecting a product down to the smallest detail, spending hours or even days, if you don’t have the chance to work with above-standard raw materials?

If you think that we are right, but you do not feel like spending a fortune, know that  buying handmade products saves money for two main reasons:

  • They are often produced by excellent artisans who are not very well known, who apply fair prices and do not inflate them, as often large fashion houses do.
  • If you spend a little more for an object that will last over time, you won’t throw away your money, you will make a good investment!

Bags & Fruits: tote bags handmade in Italy!

As for tote bags, in our shop in Via dei Giubbonari 106  you will be spoiled for choice: they are created for us by the best Italian artisans, with top-quality leather, in many different colours and models.

Take a look at our virtual shop and chat in real time with your shopper: he will advise you for the best, spending whatever you wish at your home! You can choose between:

  • Leather bags in many different colours.
  • Bags in metallic leather available in different versions.
  • Horse leather bags in solid colours or with elegant patterns.



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The raw materials of our tote bags are chosen with extreme care, and models and patterns are the result of the creativeness of expert designers who entrust their ideas to the skilled hands of our artisans, so that you will never be bored…

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