The backpack: a true “must have” for every man!

There is no doubt about it: backpacks are the accessory par excellence, both for men and women! Backpacks are comfortable, resistant, but can be also beautiful and, above all, they allow us to move around with free hands, something essential when we have to carry with us heavy or cumbersome objects.

Men’s backpacks: a useful ally for the everyday routine!

A backpack can be very comfortable for a woman but for a man (who usually doesn’t carry a bag) is it essential for all occasions.

  • If we use a gym bag, loading all the weight on one shoulder, this will likely nullify the benefit of a training session, right? An ample backpack is probably the best solution for your back!
  • You have to go to work and your laptop is not precisely “lightweight”? An elegant yet comfortable backpack might be the right solution!
  • You have organised a walk in the mountains? Fill your backpack with everything you might need and off you go!
  • Your wife sends you grocery shopping and you are ashamed of going out with an antiquated shopping cart? Carry everything on your shoulders and you will be rid of the problem!

We, men, have the bad habit of stuffing everything into our pockets and give the objects that don’t fit to our female friends to carry. This results in spreading our belongings in several bags, with the risk of forgetting keys, wallet or mobile phone, apart from annoying everyone around.

If you think you’ve reached the point of indulging yourself with a beautiful backpack, then continue reading!


Zaino uomo sportivo

Backpacks for men: non necessarily for sports!

The times of “ugly” backpacks are finally over… forget the big and formless backpacks of your school years, or those thin bags you took to primary school. Currently, there are a myriad of backpacks out in the market, from casual to those more elegant, perfect for more formal occasions, such as meetings or business trips.

As regards the materials, the manufacturers have really outdone themselves:

  • For more informal occasions, where the keyword is functionality, you can find resistant fabrics or technological materials such as neoprene, ideal for all weather conditions and heavy loads.
  • For more elegant or formal occasions, such as going to work, you can find leather backpacks in neutral colours and minimalistic design, perfect also in combination with a suit and tie.

The great thing about backpacks is that they are available in all shapes and sizes, different materials, brands and prices. Those handmade can be usually customised (maybe with your initials) and, thus, be even more unique!

What are you waiting for? If you want to have a more comfortable life without forfeiting style, we have what you’re looking for!

Bags & Fruits: backpacks for men, also online!

Our shop in Via dei Giubbonari 106, near Campo dei Fiori, in Rome, has one goal: make the handmade in Italy known worldwide. We have always offered our customers the best handmade products from our peninsula:

  • Women’s bags for every need.
  • Backpacks for men and women made with high-quality materials and certified leather.
  • Handmade shoes, tailor-made.

Come and pay us a visit. We are in Via dei Giubbonari 106, a stone’s throw away from Campo de ‘Fiori, open every day from 10:00 to 20:00 (Sundays from 11:30 onwards). We promise you will not regret it.

To be able to meet even better the needs of our customers, we have recently opened our Virtual Shop thanks to which you will be able to nearly physically visit our store in Via dei Giubbonari and chat in real time with your personal shopper: he will advise you for the best, spending whatever you wish at your home!


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