Handmade bags: why are they the best?

We hear more and more talk about handmade bags, especially in the current time in which everything “handmade” is gaining strength among those who want to rediscover the true value of objects, looking for a quality that the mass production will never provide.

Today we will explain what advantages handmade bags have and why they are worth your while.

Handmade bags: the value of uniqueness

We will never get tired of repeating it: each handmade bag is a unique item and it will never be the same as any other. The reason behind this is that they are produced at the hands of an artisan and not a machine. The latter mass-produces each object in very little time, the former dedicates many hours, passion and, above all, manual craftsmanship to each item.

Handmade bags are produced by artisans that love their job and dedicate an incredible amount of time to each little detail, from selecting the materials, to sewing and inserting decorations.

There is another very important detail: a person who has a real passion for creating objects will never use poor-quality materials. Indeed, he or she will pay special attention precisely to their choice to ensure the product has a long life.

Behind each handmade bag, apart from the artisan, there are designers that apply all their fantasy to commercialise a unique and distinct product, different from all the rest.

Nearly all handmade items are original, strange, fun, a result of fantasy and experimentation and, above all, “customisable”. You cannot tell a machine how you would prefer a product, while an artisan will always listen.

For this reason, they are also the perfect gift: unique items for a special day, imbued with the care and love only such objects convey.

Another factor is also key: many believe that handmade bags are insanely expensive and a waste of money. However, even though high-quality materials and manual labour are expensive (and rightfully so), if you buy directly from the artisan, the price represents the effective value of the object and is not inflated by intermediaries.

Bearing all of this in mind, how can you be sure that you get our money’s worth? We shall discover it in a moment!

Handmade leather bags: how to recognise their quality

To buy a bag, one should ideally go to trusted stores that guarantee that they are entirely handmade using high-quality materials and sold at a fair price. If you want to be sure that you are buying handmade products made in Italy, remember that they must have the corresponding certification.

In this way, you can be sure that the pertinent body has specifically verified the product to make sure they meet the corresponding standards of quality. The minimum requirements are:

  • Production carried out in Italy
  • Raw materials and semi-finished products from national suppliers
  • Elaboration strictly carried out by hand.

Without a doubt, a particular example are leather bags.

How can we recognise one that is truly handmade?

  • The smell: you will be inundated with the characteristic smell of leather that everyone, even the less experienced, know how to distinguish from that of the plastic.
  • The texture: the texture and feel of genuine leather is “full-bodied” in comparison to fake leather.
  • The colour: usually, the colour of leather bags is not perfectly homogeneous and, in the case of handmade ones, the colour might also differ in small details like borders, seams and decorative elements.

In addition to all this, handmade bags always differ within the same model and colour. Indeed, this “human defect” makes them beautiful and unique!

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