Tote bags: definition, features and prices!

We hear more and more talk about tote bags, which, in recent years, have become a real fashion trend, but what are they exactly? Are they just a fleeting trend, or are they really practical and bound to stay? Let’s find out together!

What are tote bags?

In English the verb tote means to carry, therefore “tote bag” literally means “a bag to carry”. Tote bags are shopping bags or, better still, they were born as ample and practical bags where you could store everything, and then became a real “must” for all the ladies.

The real tote bags are nothing more than large and simple “bags” (open at the top and free of closures and zips for convenience), usually made of resistant fabric and equipped with two parallel handles, long enough to carry on the shoulder.

These bags are by no means a recent invention. Think that they were already widespread in the 1940s and were used on boats due to their strength, capacity and practicality.

The rich ladies who could afford a yacht were not the only ones to take advantage of these practical containers. The tote bags were also used by newspaper vendors who sold their papers door to door and, over time, all the American wives wanted one, consecrating them as an indispensable accessory of every housewife.

The tote boomed in the 1950s, in which they became real trendy handbags, flaunted even by celebrities!

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Tote bags: from simple “shopping bags” to iconic style!

By now these comfortable bags are used every day and flaunted on the most diverse occasions: be it at the supermarket, an afternoon of shopping with friends, an intense day of work or a relaxing break at the beach, the tote bags have become undisputed protagonists of our daily life.

Obviously, the times in which they were produced only in fabric have passed, and today they are available in the most varied materials:

  • In cotton fabric of all types.
  • In plastic materials, to make them even more practical.
  • Made of nylon fibre.
  • In leather for the most demanding customers.

The tote market can satisfy all tastes, from the simplest and cheapest, sold for a few tens of Euro, to the most sophisticated, produced by famous fashion houses, with refined materials, and sold at prices in the thousands.

The beauty of this icon of our times is precisely this: it is probably one of the most “democratic” bag ever, that everyone can afford, from the girl who uses it to do the shopping or to put university books in, to the lady who sports it with her friends in elegant salons.

Bags & Fruits: beautiful, practical and handmade!

Since a few years, in Via dei Giubbonari 106, in the heart of the historic centre Rome, you can admire the colourful window of a shop that has made high quality handmade shoes and bags its flagship.

For years, we have dedicated ourselves to the diffusion of the made in Italy or, better still, of the handmade in Italy. All our products are the fruit of the work and imagination of the best Italian artisans who, using the most varied materials, create unique pieces for the right price, because, in our opinion, quality and beauty must not be only enjoyed by a few.

Our bags are now also available in the virtual shop, where we also offer a collection of tote bags in leather, metallic leather and horse leather, all made in Italy, and all carefully produced by expert craftsmen, which give them a unique style, always different from each other, and an attention to detail that is difficult to achieve in those mass-produced.

If for you a bag is not a simple object to store things, but a real expression of your personality, chat in real time with your shopper: he will advise you for the best, spending whatever you wish at your home!

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