Wallets: at Christmas, gift one with a personalised engraving!

incisioni su pelle

The holidays are coming and the need to find gifts for friends and relatives is becoming increasingly pressing. Tired of the usual presents? Buy a wallet in real leather, imagine what you would like to write, and let Bags & Fruits take care of the engraving!

Choose the model you prefer, and tell us what you want to write!

All of our wallets are handmade in genuine leather. We have been selecting the best artisans all over Italy for years to guarantee that our customers get beautiful, original and high-quality products, made to last over time.

Wallets, especially those in leather for men, are always very classical, and risk becoming boring. For this reason, we decided to personalise them with writings or drawings that you can choose, making them unique.

All you have to do is visit us, choose the model you prefer, and decide how you would like to decorate it. In a few minutes you will have your original gift, designed for one person and only for that one, a unique object that he or she will always carry around.

incisioni su pelle regalo

Incisions on leather: how, where and when?

The Bags & Fruits store is located in Via dei Giubbonari 106, a stone’s throw from the Campo de ‘Fiori market in Rome. We are open every day from 10:00 to 20:00 (on Sundays from 11:30) and we are always available online for any information.

To meet the needs of the customers who cannot visit us, we have designed a virtual shop, which you can visit from home, walking through the shelves as if you were physically here. You will also have the opportunity to chat in real time with your personal shopper who will advise you for the best, and will arrange to send the chosen products directly to your home!


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