Handmade leather bags online: shopping tips.

Let us be clear, leather bags have an added value with respect to others: they are more resistant, long-lived and certainly more beautiful. Handmade leather bags, in addition, are the result of the mastery of an artisan, something to bear in mind in a world where everything is mass-produced…

Bags&Fruits: a true passion for the handmade!

Times change, tastes evolve, also the needs of everyday life; this is why we wanted to start a Virtual Shop adventure: our headquarters remain in Via dei Giubbonari 106, a short distance from Campo dei Fiori, but our creations can also be purchased with a simple click, wherever you are, in Italy or abroad.

Our mission has always been to make the handmade in Italy known worldwide. That is why we have always offered our customers a wide range of leather bags, all handmade and the result of the fantasy of the best designers.

  • We only use first-quality leather.
  • The production is entirely performed in Italy.
  • The crafting of our products is done always by the best artisans to offer you, not only beautiful products, but also long-lasting ones.

We have a wide range of products online, not only restricted to big and small leather bags, but also backpacks (also for men) and clutches for all tastes and needs.

Do you want a sneak peek? Here you go!

Handmade shopping bags for all tastes.

We commercialise our shopper leather bags in two sizes and 20 different colours. They are also available in horse hides ranging through 7 patterns, from the more sombre to the more original.

These bags are ideal for all occasions, from the most classical and functional style, to a shopping spree, for work or for an evening among friends:

  • They are all made of high-quality genuine leather.
  • They are elaborated and sown by hand.
  • They have a useful inner pocket, ideal for keys or your mobile phone, and long handles to make them even more practical.

Backpacks for any occasion, even the most formal.

It is no secret: the backpack is one of the most comfortable accessory there is! We usually associate backpacks with excursions in the nature, trips to the gym and a casual look. However, we have decided to be unconventional and produce a collection of fashionable backpacks in synthetic leather with an exclusive design, perfect also for the most formal occasions.

All of our backpacks are equipped with:

  • Very resistant, adjustable straps.
  • Pockets for storing keys and your mobile phone.
  • Latches and seams finished by hand, to make them last.

Clutches: practical and fashionable!

Call them whatever you want: pockets, cases, wallets… Our intention with these accessories is to indulge you with 20 different models in patented and woven leather, bigger, smaller, with inner shoulder straps or as practical make-up bags.

  • Our classical customers may choose from the rectangular ones in patented leather with a python print which can be carried by hand or using the useful chain shoulder strap.
  • For everyday use, we have wide and practical clutch bags in woven leather, equipped with comfortable hooks where you can attach the shoulder strap that will turn them into small bags.
  • For the bolder customers, we have small cases decorated with hearts, flowers, balloons and animals, also made from leather and sewn by hand.

Come and pay us a visit. We are in Via dei Giubbonari 106, a stone’s throw away from Campo de ‘Fiori, open every day from 10:00 to 20:00 (Sundays from 11:30 onwards). We promise you will not regret it.

To be able to meet even better the needs of our customers, we have a Virtual Shop, thanks to which you will be able to nearly physically visit our store in Via dei Giubbonari and chat in real time with your personal shopper, who recommend the best products for you and shipping them home to you.



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