Shopper bags: classic, metallic and out of horse leather!

Do you love bags, fashion and, above all, high-quality materials, attention to detail and creativity? Bags & Fruits, the shop in Via dei Giubbonari 106, a stone’s throw from Piazza Campo dei Fiori in Rome, has decided to also have an online presence and bring the quality of the Made in Italy craftsmanship directly to your home with a simple click! Today we will offer you our shopper bag collection: ample, comfortable, fashionable and very colourful.

Classic leather shopper.

Among the most elegant and functional, our leather shopper bags are available in as many as 20 colours, from the most classic and elegant, to the most whimsical. Whether in dark brown or dark green, perfect for a work day, or acid green, violet or yellow for an afternoon of shopping with friends, these models are available in medium or large versions and are extremely comfortable thanks to the long handles that allow them to be carried on the shoulder.

All shopping bags, produced in Italy with top quality leathers and completely hand-assembled by expert craftsmen, are equipped with a comfortable inner pocket to give you the possibility of storing your mobile phone and can be kept open or closed thanks with two comfortable laces, also in leather.

Metallic shopper.

Let yourself be won over by the originality of these metallic leather bags, available in 6 different versions:

  • Light silver
  • Dark silver
  • Golden
  • Light gold
  • Rose gold
  • Plum

The material is 100% Italian metallic leather thanks to a special treatment. It is also entirely hand-sewn. Its whimsical and particular style makes it perfect for a trendy aperitif, an evening around clubs or, why not, to bring a boring day at the office to life.

The metallic shopper bags are also available in medium or large versions, to meet your every need!

Horse leather shoppers.

They are soft and silky, suitable for all occasions and the most trendy, perfect for the “fashion-addicted”, who would never give up that extra touch of style at every occasion. They are made of 100% horse leather in Italy and entirely handmade. They come in 7 different versions:

  • Black and white stripes
  • Black and brown stripes
  • Leopard print
  • Spotted white and brown
  • Solid colour: black, blue or taupe

Comfortable, practical and available like the others in two sizes, they are a must in the wardrobe of those seeking comfort without sacrificing style.

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