Handmade leather backpacks: unique models for a contemporary style!

They are comfortable, durable, practical, perfect for all occasions, even for more formal ones: we are speaking of backpacks, our best friends during many of our days. Today we will try to explain why handmade leather backpacks are really better than the rest!

Backpacks: better in leather or other materials?

The backpack manufacturers have really outdone themselves: the days in which these comfortable bags where used solely by schoolchildren and lovers of walks in the mountain are long gone. Before, backpacks were just large and comfortable, sometimes extremely colourful and nearly all made from fabric or nylon, since they were mainly a functional accessory. Today, however, they have become fashionable items, produced by all the relevant fashion firms and made from the most varied materials, from classical cotton to technological neoprene.

You can apply the same principle to backpacks as to normal bags: the best ones are those made of genuine leather. Leather is better than other materials for various reasons:

  • Leather backpacks are definitely more beautiful and, why not, elegant, and can also be used on more formal occasions, like at work.
  • Leather backpacks are very resistant and durable. Over the years, leather ages, but it does not get damaged, rather, it acquires character, making our backpack more unique.
  • Leather has a charm that other materials do not possess, because a leather product is never identical to another and even the same model may present tone and colour variations that make it unique.
  • On the contrary to what many believe, leather resists adverse weather conditions very well, keeping everything inside our backpacks dry.
  • It is not true that leather items are all the same colour. Leather can be treated and coloured in a thousand ways, you will never get bored!

Trust us: using a genuine leather backpack can really make a difference, as does wearing one made by hand. Let us find out why!

Backpacks: handmade is simply better!

Now that backpacks have become a fashionable accessory, wearing unique items can really make a difference. The good thing about handmade products is that they are never identical, even objects from the same model present slight variations.

The work of an artisan will never be the same as the work of another. In the same way, a handmade backpack will never be identical to another. Humans have the ability of producing beautiful, unique products, since art pieces are one of a kind.

In summary: each backpack created at the expert hands of an artisan will be unique, but the story doesn’t end there…

  • Leather and first-quality materials are chosen to make backpacks. Losing days to craft and decorate poor materials would not make sense.
  • Seams and decoration stitching will be done with special attention to detail, something an assembly line will never be able to do.
  • From these two points we can conclude that handmade backpacks are much more long-lasting than mass-produced ones.

If we also consider that many artisans allow you to customise their products according to your taste, making them more unique and paying a fair price for it, there is nothing left to add. The time has come for you to buy a backpack that will accompany you in the many years to come…

Colorful, sturdy, handcrafted: the backpacks from Bags & Fruits!

Everyone knows, at least by name, Via dei Giubbonari. For years now, at number 106, you can find displayed a small and colourful showcase of many products made in Italy, all handmade from the finest materials!

As the name implies, among the fruit boxes that fill our store you will find lots of bags, but also shoes, accessories and backpacks from him and her… it will be impossible to choose!

Here are some examples:

  • We have backpacks in a single colour, with sober and square lines, to give a touch of elegance to an object which has often been considered just casual.
  • We also offer large, colourful backpacks with handles to carry them as a suitcase.
  • In addition to leather, we also use other materials such as cork to make our products even more unique!

Come and pay us a visit. We are in Via dei Giubbonari 106, a stone’s throw away from Campo de ‘Fiori, open every day from 10:00 to 20:00 (Sundays from 11:30 onwards). We promise you will not regret it.

To be able to meet even better the needs of our customers, we have opened our Virtual Shop, thanks to which you will be able to nearly physically visit our store in Via dei Giubbonari and chat in real time with a personal shopper: he will advise you for the best, spending whatever you wish at your home!


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