Elegant backpacks: tips for use!

Usually the word backpack evokes an extremely casual and sporty look, it makes you think of trips out of town, afternoons in the gym or even to the old school days. For some years now, instead, backpacks have become real fashion accessories, especially for women, who are beginning to use them even on more formal occasions. Today we will give you some useful tips to get around the variegated world of elegant backpacks!

From a practical style to an icon bag.

Backpacks have always occupied a very broad segment of the market. The only difference is that today they are no longer considered just practical but ugly, useful objects. Many bag manufacturers are dedicated to creating trendy backpacks, with great attention to detail, produced with “noble” raw materials such as leather, also suitable for more elegant occasions.

The times of nylon backpacks have passed, and now we see girls and women showing them off like real haute couture garments, going out with friends, going to work, shopping and so on.

Let’s face it: backpacks are very comfortable accessories, but we have often refused to wear them because we did not consider them suitable for more formal situations. Now, instead, the most important fashion houses have included them in their collections, helping to make them a true trendy accessory, a must in our closets.

This does not mean that buying a so-called “elegant” backpack must necessarily drain our pockets: prices vary greatly, depending on the materials, the processing methods and the fashion houses that produce them.

Obviously, a fabric or fake leather backpack will cost less than one made of real leather, and a handmade backpack will obviously be more expensive than a mass-produced one… It will be up to you to choose the best value for your money, according to your tastes and needs!

Elegant backpacks: shopping tips!

If you decide to buy a backpack, you will be spoiled for choice: you will find them in all the shapes, all the materials, all colours and of all prices. How to choose the best? Let’s start by saying that the best material is leather, for a whole series of reasons:

  • Leather is the “elegant” material par excellence, and is capable of adding class to any bag, suitcase or backpack.
  • Leather is extremely resistant. Elegant backpacks must be beautiful and trendy, but also practical and durable, otherwise it would be useless to spend money on them.
  • As leather ages, it improves: over time it does not spoil, but evolves, and after years it acquires that “broken in” patina that gives personality to the objects.
  • Leather is never the same: precisely because they are made of “living” fabric, leather objects are never the same, and have variations in tone, colour and texture that make them different and unique, even if of the same model.

All that said, we advise you to consider the possibility of buying backpacks handmade by a craftsman. It’s not about snobbery:

  • Handmade products are much more accurate than those mass-produced.
  • The seams, the edges and the stitching are made with extreme precision and very rarely have defects.
  • Each object is always different from any other.
  • Often the value for money is very convenient, especially if purchased in not-too-famous artisan workshops.
  • Sometimes the products can also be customized on request (with particular decorations, initials and so on).

Beautiful, practical, useful and for all budgets: backpacks will never go out of fashion, even less the elegant ones that we see being shown off on all occasions, not only by women, but also by men!

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