Shopping bags handmade in Italy: our selection!

By now, owning a shopping bag, one of those ample, comfortable and colourful bags, has become a real must. They are perfect for all occasions, from business meetings to shopping with friends, from aperitifs with your loved one to a day at the beach… Today we want to offer you a selection for all tastes: colourful, large, comfortable, functional, all hand made by Italian artisans.

Shopping bags: the most practical bags, without sacrificing style!

Our shopping bags are made entirely of leather, one of the most resistant and durable materials, which is cut and sewn strictly by hand by expert craftsmen. The passion they put into making these bags shines through the attention to detail, the accuracy of the realization and the personal touch, which makes them different from each other, creating real “unique items”.

We wanted to give our bags a classic and elegant, yet comfortable and very functional, line:

  • They are all available in two sizes: medium and large.
  • They are equipped with long handles that allow them to be carried on the shoulder.
  • They all have an inner pocket, perfect for storing your keys or mobile phone.
  • They are equipped with two comfortable straps that allow you to close them when needed.

A fundamental characteristic of our shopping bags is that a they are never perfectly equal to each other as they are not the product of an assembly line, but of the work of artisans, who use “living” material like leather, which is always different and, above all, that changes over time, becoming more beautiful as it ages… Try it for yourself!

To each the right shopping bag!

We produce a lot of different shopper bags, for all tastes and needs:

  • In leather of different colours: they are the most classic, the most suitable for all occasions, from the most formal, like a job interview, to the most “relaxing”, like a shopping spree.
  • In metallic leather: they are distinguished by that extra touch of style and originality that will certainly catch the eye. Independently of your choice (gold, silver or bronze), you will surely be noticed.
  • In horse leather: leopard print, striped, spotted, and the list goes on an on. They are a must for those who follow the fashion trends and always want to stand out, even on the most informal occasions.

If we have succeeded in waking your curiosity and you want to buy one of our bags, to try out their comfort, resistance and attention to detail, you have two options:

  • Come and visit us at Via dei Giubbonari 106, a stone’s throw from Piazza Campo dei Fiori. We are open every day, even on Sunday.
  • Visit our Virtual Shop and order the one you prefer directly from the sofa of your home by chatting in real time with your personal shopper. He will advise you for the best, spending whatever you wish at your home!

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